Chair’s Message

Protecting and being a good steward to the livelihoods of our current and future pensioners is my top priority as Chair of the ERSRI Retirement Board.

In addition to your retirement security, we have the responsibility to be transparent and available when needed. We strive to provide you with user-friendly access to important information about your retirement options and account through multiple channels online, over the phone, or in person.

We continue to listen to your feedback and review best practice principles to make ongoing improvements to the ERSRI website so it will make your online experience better. You can now access online retirement records, verify and update retirement information, and find the answers to questions about planning for your financial future.

As Treasurer, I will continue to advocate for you - our Rhode Island teachers, State and municipal employees, public safety officers, and other public servants. We are working hard to secure your investment - not only for your financial future, but for that of future generations as well.


James A. Diossa, General Treasurer